bernieke's projects - TARDIS

I've always wanted a TARDIS. When my son asked for chickens for his spring festival, and we needed a henhouse, I immediately knew what to build.

The lantern is made from an old hallway lamp cover, with a plastic plate painted blue glued on top of it.

I started with the doors and the base.

I then made the roof, glued it, epoxied it, and painted it.

I always understimate the time it takes to paint. I think I spent as much time painting as everything else combined.

The windows are made of lasercut acrylic.

The frosting is just the protective plastic covering I cut and left on.

I then glued on thin strips of painted wood.

Seeing as this thing would be out in the open, it needs good waterproofing.

The Police signs I had made up out of vinyl. The telephone sign is made of dibond with a vinyl covering.

The chickens (Amy, Martha, Rose and Clara) seem quite content with their new home.

created: 2017/05/19
last updated: 2018/09/15