bernieke's projects - 3d printer

I started out building a reprap mendel, from a set of materials purchased through a groupbuy.

I never did get that machine to print well, so ultimately I decided to rebuild it with some more modern components and around a sturdier frame. All components are now either lasercut, milled or cast.

  • the frame is a lasercut stainless steel p3steel 2.01 which I got from OrballoPrinting in Spain
  • the aluminum X axis and X carriage and the lead screws for the Z axis come from AliExpress
  • the machine is controlled by a sanguinololu
  • the extruder is a Bulldog XL
  • the hotend a genuine J-Head MK V-BV, but with the heating resistor replaced with a ceramic heater cartridge
  • the bed consists of two layers MDF surrounding a 220V heating mat, a milled 6mm cast aluminum plate and a 3mm carbon fiber top surface (it can go from cold to printing in about two minutes)
  • for easy adjustment I've used a hall sensor for the Z axis endswitch, the X and Y have regular mechanical endswitches

My print material of choice is white FormFutura Easyfil HIPS

This HIPS has about the same properties as ABS, but better layer adhesion, and is non-toxic. And just like ABS, it can be nicely finished using cold acetone vapours.

UPDATE 2023/03/28: I upgraded to an original Prusa MK3S+, which I adorned with a BLV diy enclosure, and a custom base to house the electronics.

You can read more about this on the printables page for the base.

created: 2016/02/10
last updated: 2023/03/28