bernieke's projects - lasercutter

Lasercut YT-1300f light freighter.

An enclosure for a test setup of my domotica system.

A portrait in clear acrylic.

Two portraits on wood.

An enclore for the sous-vide thermostat.

Organizer for the Zombicide boardgame and its expansions.

Some logos I made up to demonstrate some material possibilities.

The front for the sound server I built to control the speakers throughout the house.

The box which holds various electronics on my desk.

A cover for the filament spool in use on the 3d printer.

Enclosure for the 3d printer power supply, electronics, lcd and controls.

Drawer layout for small tools.

Boxes to store electronic components.

Airfilter for the lasercutter.

Case for the arcade pc.

Lasercut bird.

Rack for glue clamps.

The framework for my desk.

Hinge to guide cables over when opening the drawer with the laptop in it.

Cardboard model of the back of our house. (Used to simulate what a possible extension of our terrace would look like.)

A speaker enclosure.

A box to hold spools of wire.

Toothbrush holder.

created: 2013/08/07
last updated: 2017/12/09